Hypnosis for Weight Loss

November 11, 2021

Losing weight has been a lifelong challenge for so many of us. You have done the diets and the fasting, you read the books, you bought the food products. you went to the meetings.

Perhaps you have tried the different nutrition plans, the wonder drugs, and weight loss pills. They worked for a while, 2 weeks or so. Maybe you lost a few pounds, or your weight plateaued, then you slip backwards into old patterns, guilt, self-condemnation. The cycle starts all over again. It’s frustrating and you are looking for lasting results.

There’s boredom eating, anxiety or stress eating, love eating – eating when you are newly in love, and after – for years after. People eat when they are lonely, anxious, grieving, or uncomfortable in some other way.

We all eat inappropriately at times, but some of us eat unhealthy foods, and a lot of us, more than we wish.

We know logically that this is not a healthy way to deal with emotions and life situations. We know in our heads and in our hearts that we want to acquire and maintain a healthier body and life.

Food, like shopping, works for a little while, and then the results are there on your physical body and the guilt and self-condemnation sets in, again.

How long have you struggled with your weight?

You wonder enviously how slim people stay that way; how do they not struggle with food and weight?

You are tired of the results of emotional eating or stress eating – the low self-esteem, hopelessness, lack of confidence. Holidays or special days such as birthdays can create more stress to eat that cake that you were given, and then when you add COVID-19 and its effects to the already stressful times, you have a real challenge to maintain your weight, never mind losing weight.

What have you tried so far to lose the weight? And for how long have you been trying?

The constant, ongoing struggle between enjoying food and taking the weight off is tiring, can be shameful, and annoying to say the least. It’s the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about as you get into bed at night.

How wonderful it would be to not feel guilty after eating a delicious meal or snack or dessert.

No more trying – make it so!

Now perhaps you are ready to address the deeper meanings to this weight you carry around and learn some skills to get fit and stay fit.

Hypnosis compliments counseling to make for a complete treatment plan that is customized for you.

Hypnosis with counseling helps to break the pattern of eating inappropriately and helps you to realize and fulfill your needs in healthier ways.

After counseling and hypnosis, clients report:

- An immediate, significant impact and feeling better equipped with the tools they need to get through daily struggles with food and health, and to practice some self-care.

- Food becomes a non-issue, something that you do not obsess over. Your health and well-being become most important and they remain your focus. When you move and function in a state of health and well-being, it can be life changing.

You can shed the extra weight, once and for all, and feel better about your self-image. You don’t have to do it alone.

First, let’s look at 3 simple, practical tips to get healthy and stay healthy.

Replace sodas with good, clean water

Water is nature’s cleanser. Rather than water that includes chemical additives such as nutrients, it’s best to drink clean water, just water. Keep a bottle of clean water with you as you go through your day.

Eat less, move more

Exercising does so much to improve your mood, well-being, and sleep. When you exercise before you start your day, you aren’t thinking about it throughout the day. You are done! Anything you do later, like taking a walk after dinner is a bonus for the body and getting a good night’s sleep.

Eat foods that are as close to nature as you can

Weight loss is a naturally occurring side effect of a healthy, efficient system - the human body. The body knows what to do with and how to digest fresh, whole foods that contain little or no preservatives such as simple fruits and vegetables.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help with Weight Loss?

What is hypnotherapy and how can it help you to lose weight, get healthier, and stay that way without the life-long stress of focus on food?

Hypnosis is a natural way to shed pounds and clear your way to a leaner, fitter body with a different mindset around eating.

Not so much a focus on restriction of food intake, hypnosis is a relaxed focus on your goals, what you want to create and maintain as you move forward. As you relax and connect with your inner strength, knowing, and self-knowledge, you learn your triggers and how to work with these triggers and your cravings. As you practice this relaxed focus more and more, you can become more in tune with what you need in order to be healthier on a daily basis.

Whether your goal is to lose 5 pounds or more than 100 pounds, the basic concepts are the same; realizing the “why” of your weight issue and how you can move forward with wholeness and the confidence you need to do what is necessary on your journey to a healthier, happier, more peaceful you.

My approach is integrative and collaborative, and I highly value the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for your change. We will work with your relationships, those with other people and the relationship you have with yourself for long-lasting healing and change.

You can be more comfortable about food, have more energy, choose your ideal weight, focus on your health and longevity, and start to realize these things as reality.

I provide support and guidance for your emotional detox as well as a physical detox. And you can listen to the recordings I send to you whenever you want to, between sessions. This helps to motivate, enhance, and deepen your experience and advancement on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s do the work now, so you can feel and see some results!

I am here for you every step of the way. While you create your lasting change. We will work together until your goals are met!

Call me at 888-666-9059, and we’ll talk about what you need to accomplish your goals and how I can help. Telehealth and online counseling via a HIPAA-compliant platform as well as in-person sessions are available.

I’m here for you,

Dr. Melissa Valentina, Ph.D., LMFT, CHT

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