Using John Gottman’s Method to Couples Therapy

& Using Research to Help Your Relationship Heal with Dr. Melissa Valentina

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Are you experiencing...


Where you once felt secure in your love?

If your relationship feels like a battlefield instead of a home and you’re tired of fighting the current just looking for some common ground, I’m here to help and I’ve brought tools unlike any you’ve used before.

What is The Gottman Method?

4 Horsemen

The communication styles and emotions that most often contribute to relationship apocalypse.

7 Principles

The primary tools we will use to examine your relationship’s sticking points and cultivate respect and productive conflict resolution.

1 Mission

Your relationship, reinforced with the knowledge of over 40 years of research and a custom-tailored plan to move you toward healing and a life that shares meaning and intention, together. 

How does it work?

The Gottman Method is a culmination of over 4 decades of research and application, all headed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. With their combined specialties, they developed a method designed to stabilize the foundation of a relationship through assessment of a relationship's weak spots and application of a network of established tools to dismantle, rebuild, and reinforce them within both the partners and the partnership. 
The Gottman Method thrives when you work together alongside the research and the dedicated support of your therapist to create sustainable change. How does it work? Using the analogy of a house, the Gottman Method stands apart from other methods by working in a layered approach to break apart the deficits in how we brought our worlds together and create harmony in reworking their unity.

The pillars of the Sound Relationship House are built on acknowledging, sharing, and supporting one another through conflict instead of overwriting it with new mechanisms. The Gottman Method asks you to tackle your hurt head-on. I am proud to help you navigate these tools, backed by profound research to support you in doing just that.  

What makes the Gottman Method unique?

Do “research” and “relationship” even belong in the same sentence?

John Gottman’s research in the psychology of couples began by looking for continuity of behavior, or patterns, in relationships. 

He pioneered this field as he discovered data to support and predict divorce rates.

Through the application of the work of other prominent psychologists, Dr. Gottman created a revolutionary system called Specific Affect Coding System (SPAF) that gauges a partner's responses to behaviors. 

With this research and an established scientific lab under his belt, Dr. Gottman established the Gottman Institute as an umbrella under which to unite his unique method of helping stabilize and heal relationships.
All of this research, effort, and dedication culminates right here, for you. 

Together, we will apply the experiences of thousands of couples to take what you need to find healing in your own relationship. The Gottman Method is designed to allow for curation to each couple, at every level of their healing. Our goal is always to bring you together in stability and safety, and we will use decades of tried and true knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure you have everything you need to find the healing you deserve. 

Let’s begin building your sound relationship house today

Are you ready to banish the four horsemen and find new ways to express respect and fondness with your partner? Are you excited by the prospect of enjoying each other’s company again?