Solution-Focused Therapy Online

Getting you Feeling Better As Quickly As Possible.

Do you know where you want to go, but you’re not sure how to get there?

Solution focused therapy will reorient your thought processes to highlight the possibility of what will be instead of what you must do in the interim, so we can make the space for your progress toward it.

Are you struggling to overcome a barrier holding you back from your potential?

Whether it’s trauma, anxiety, or an imposed restriction, we can isolate the space where your energy is being drained by stagnancy and take back the power to move forward toward your ultimate potential.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve put your dedicated energy toward helping others achieve their goals but now you find yourself stuck as you reach toward your own.

Maybe you feel stuck, uncertain about where to go next or how to move through the things that stand between you and an end goal you can see clearly. Perhaps you know the way forward, but past trauma or current anxiety have you feeling stuck from frustration and lack of progress. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With Solution Focused therapy, we can take your goals and design a blueprint for healing around them with precision and clarity.

FAQ’s About Solution-Focused Therapy

How does Solution Focused Therapy work?

In our first session, we will identify the focused goal you’d like to establish. With that goal in mind, we will outline a short-term therapy program that seeks to move through the challenges you’re struggling with. 

By using Positive Psychology and evidence-based treatment approaches, we will reframe your problems into possibility with a focus on solutions instead of struggle.

What is Positive Psychology?

The scientific study and approach of Positive Psychology means we will focus on possibility and the potential for good within the things you feel overwhelmed by. This school of thought doesn’t seek to be blind to struggle, but simply to put emphasis on solutions and possibility instead of the barriers we often face.

 In our short-term work together, positive psychology will be highlighted in our process of finding fulfillment and reaching for it unapologetically.

I know the problem, but I’m still stuck.

Then you are in the right place. Therapy centered around a barrier you have already identified means we are that much closer to the solution. Our work will begin with taking actionable steps as we work to eliminate whatever’s standing in your way. 

We will spend time with what your life will be like once the problem is solved. This focus on the future and possibility will rewrite the narrative and allow you access to power you currently feel blocked from but already possess.

What if my struggle is trauma?

While navigating trauma may look different in the way we approach and overcome its impact, the process will work much the same. A focus on the solutions, possibility and outcome will help you to reclaim the control and agency that belonged to you before your trauma. Longer-term therapy may be ideal in overcoming the root of trauma, but Solution-Focused Therapy can get you to a place where that feels possible.

You have worked diligently on improving those around you and finding solutions for their success.