Online Hypnosis Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Using Hypnosis To Access a Place of Healing 

Life can be overwhelming and cause anxiety, depression, or substance use.

Is your approach to life challenges negatively impacting your career, your relationships, or your well-being?

Hypnosis can...

Improve sleep
Reduce anxiety
Improve relationships
Increase Self-esteem

So you can... 

Escape the cage of trauma
Build self-esteem
Enhance spiritual guidance
Realize your Purpose

What can Hypnosis be used for?

Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that is used as a multi-faceted approach that focuses on recognizing and navigating obstacles that keep you from living a fuller, richer life.
 It’s a growing practice used to support those who are striving to move more authentically through the world, honor themselves, and live their truth.


Perhaps you want to get a good night’s sleep or to realize a better way to handle a situation at work that causes anxiety. 

Would you like to feel calmer or more joyful?
Discover ways to ease and lower anxiety with hypnosis.


Depression is a thief of many things. It can suck your energy, leaving you feeling lost and hopeless with no tools to combat its tremendous drain. 

Hypnosis can give you the power to put a stop to the energy loss that depression demands so you can see a new way to thrive.


Healing, or even coping with, trauma is often met with dead ends and frustration. This trial and error path can be discouraging and expensive. 

Hypnosis has proven effective for treating PTSD and other traumatic symptoms. With it, you have access to a comfortable, effective treatment to reduce traumatic symptoms.


Loss happens to everyone at some time in life. Friends and family can drop away and go on with their lives while you are in the depths of despair and see no end in sight.

Grief is a process and it is work
. It may be the hardest work you do in your lifetime.  Hypnosis provides the safe space to find the inner strength and solace that you need while grieving.

What you focus on, you create. 

There is a relaxed focus on healing in hypnosis.  This inwardly-directed process will help you learn about yourself and your triggers.With that knowledge, you’ll discover how to heal limitations and rewrite thought processes that are not helping you. When you know yourself, you can design a life that suits your purpose through challenge and triumph. 

Hypnosis strives to teach you how to focus within yourself so you can project that focus onto all you create. Whether you are looking for some guidance on your next step to a goal, or you want to realize your purpose in your life, hypnosis can help. 

Hypnosis is a way to access your inner knowing so that you can run your life in a way that suits you.

Are you ready to get to know yourself from the inside out? 

FAQ’s About Hypnosis

How does it work?

Sometimes known as trance or altered state of consciousness, it is basically a state of timelessness. Hypnosis relaxes the mind so you can connect with the true self, or subconscious mind. This enables you to realize feelings, desires, and your state of being more neutrally.
Hypnosis is a natural state, like when you are between asleep and awake. Organic occurrences of this state happen when you are lost in a movie or doing a favorite hobby such as painting.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes. You are in control at all times during hypnotherapy.
We create a safe space for you, facilitating relaxation and a discussion that is directed inwardly. The atmosphere is spa-like so that you can quiet the mind and connect with your true self. ​This mind-body connection aids in clarifying issues and helps you in moving toward your goals.

Will I know what’s happening?

Absolutely. Chances are, you have experienced a hypnosis state before. Have you ever been driving and when you arrived at your highway exit, you did not remember the drive? 

I once noticed my niece in a state of trance while watching a fashion video, hand in mid-air, halfway to her mouth, holding a potato chip, eyes opened wide, and glued to the television. This is sort of a hypnotic trance, a different type of awareness.

We can achieve this altered state of awareness naturally. Using hypnosis to intentionally tap into this mind-body connection enhances our power even in these timeless states.

How long does it take?

Understandably, the sooner you see results, the better. A lot of success with therapy depends on how motivated and willing the client is to put in the time and effort into exploring and healing the issue.​

Most likely you are here because you have thought a lot about the condition that you want to change and are now determined to get to the cause of it and move forward with your life. With this determination and motivation in mind, we move forward as quickly as you wish.