Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunctional Relationships

January 2, 2024

- How is your relationship? Not as happy as it used to be?

- Are you looking to reconnect in a different, more loving way?

- What is it about this relationship that feels like your other relationships?

Maybe you are in a relationship that you feel you “settled for”, you are not heard, that you are not comfortable in, you are not being treated with respect, or you feel frustrated much of the time. Perhaps you two just don’t connect in ways that are meaningful to you.

Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives. And when our relationships are painful, we are in pain.

When we begin to see how the painful dysfunction started, we can see how the patterns repeat through our relationships and through the generations. We start to realize where the unhealthy patterns started and what does not work anymore. Patterns like sabotaging the relationship, doing a “cut and run” when issues come up or you’re getting too close.

Being aware of these patterns is the start of healing the things and ways that don’t work for you. Learning new ways to care for yourself can put you back together again and you feel like yourself again.

When you are in your wholeness, you can create healthier ways of relating to each other. And you can show appreciation and fondness for someone else, a vital part of intimate relationships. And relating to others socially and at work with respect and boundaries is a gateway to a more rewarding lifestyle.

By learning more effective ways of relating to each other and managing conflict, people have healthier conversations and can relax a bit more, once they feel safe and heard.

Client’s Experience

After working with me, clients say that they are calmer and communicating better with the other person. Clients notice they don’t react to events as strongly as they used to, and they approach issues in calmer manner. They say that things don’t bother them as much as they used to, and they can think though things more clearly than before.

Let’s Get Started Today

Ready to get to the cause of the dysfunction, break the cycle, and start feeling better about yourself and the relationship?

Therapy for individuals or couples can answer your questions, help you to see how to grow from experiences, and move forward - out of the repeating patterns that don’t serve you and into a future that is more fulfilling and more loving. 

Start now and build a healthy relationship that will enrich your life. During your free phone consultation, you can see if we are a good fit, get some information on how I work with people, and we can discuss your next steps. 

I would love to talk with you about your relationship issues.

Call me at 888-666-9059 or email me at

Online counseling via a HIPAA-compliant platform is available.

To your healthy relating,

Dr. Melissa Valentina, PhD, LMFT, CHT

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