How Hypnosis and Relaxation Therapy can Help you Decrease Anxiety

November 11, 2021

Remember the last time you got a good night’s sleep? Or slept through the night, waking up feeling rested?

Anxiety can keep us up at night or wake us up during the night with intrusive thoughts. Losing out on a good night's sleep can affect the next day, and losing out on several night's sleep can affect your health. And anxiety throughout the day can change the way you are living your life. Who or what is in charge here? Guilt about the past, worry about the present or future can take a toll on overall health as well as the drain on energy.

Stress and anxiety can make life a real struggle. Are you a worrier? Do you stress about things you don't have control over?

- Your partner just said, "We need to talk".

- You have been called into the boss's office, again

- You lie there, staring at the ceiling at 4:00 am, intrusive thoughts running in a loop.

- Strange or intense dreams

- You wake up in the morning, stressed about what the day will bring.

Life was supposed to be different! You were supposed to be happier! More peaceful and content.

What to do?

Perhaps you used to book a vacation to get away for a while to unwind. Have you ever noticed how you get those great insights to make decisions or life changes while on vacation? When you don't have daily worries or concerns, and you are looking out at an open expense of ocean or mountains? These days it is more difficult to book a vacation to get away to relax and recuperate.  

Here are some things you can do to calm, soothe, and heal while in your daily life at the office or at home:

1. Close your eyes for a moment

2. BREATHE - in and out. Repeat deep, calming breaths until your focus shifts and you relax a bit

3. Move - do some stretching or walk around a bit. This will get that stuck energy flowing again.

4. Or look at the sky or trees - these are constant, timeless things that are always there. Just breathe and let go for a second or two.

Maintaining this sense of calm and well-being helps us to stay professional when needed, make clearer decisions, and keep a discussion from escalating to anger and hurt feelings.

Imagine living your life in a calm, more loving way that affects you and everyone around you.

After our work together, clients tell me that while they used to get shaky with the anxiety rising, now they can get through confrontations at work and at home in a calm, peaceful manner, and feel better afterward.

How do hypnosis and relaxation therapy help you lower anxiety so you can relax and remain calm in any situation? In hypnosis, you can relax very deeply and re-train your mind and body to be calmer and maintain calmness in stressful situations. These proven methods have helped so many people feel more confident in their daily life and shake off their anxiety for good.

Let's get started today

I can help you better understand the anxiety that has been plaguing you, and get you to a calmer, more confident you with better patterns of dealing with life's stressors.

I, Dr. Melissa, invite you to contact me at 888-666-9059 so we can discuss how I can help. Online sessions are provided on a HIPAA-compliant video or phone platform. I look forward to speaking with you.

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