Grief and Loss Counseling
Grief Recovery

As we go through life, across the lifespan, we have experiences that show us how precious life is. Life is a gift and losing someone dear to us can prove to be a life-changing experience. The pain of loss runs so deep that it can be indescribable.

We all lose someone we love at some point. Someone we can’t live without, and we don’t know how we will go on without them. You don’t simply get over the loss, they just live in your heart forever. You recover with a mark, and you learn to go on, with the tears turning to smiles.

At first, you might wake up thinking it was all a bad dream. And then reality hits … again.

Grief feelings can be overwhelming, all-encompassing, and suffocating. You may feel like you have been knocked off your feet like your world is unsteady and unsafe.

How can you describe how much it hurts? That hole in your soul is like a void that only your loved one could fill, and now they are gone.

You don’t know how you will get through the day or sometimes even the next 5 minutes. You’re scared, in a dark place, cannot find your way through, you don’t know how to do this.

You may have noticed, everyone grieves differently. This might make it hard to support someone in your family who is grieving in their own way.

And at times other family members or friends can’t support you in the way you need. You sometimes end up taking care of them when you are in need of support.

And grieving is not just about death. Grief can happen due to the loss of:

  • a pet

  • health

  • friends

  • employment

  • independence

  • a child when they leave home (empty nest)

If you don’t get some relief, you might go into a deep depression if you are not there already. You don’t know how this will change your outlook, and how or when you will be back to “normal”.

Some grief symptoms:

  • Fear

  • Guilt

  • Anxiety

  • Confusion

  • Loss of sleep

  • Exhaustion, fatigue

  • Crying unexpectedly

  • Mental fog, forgetting things,

  • Being on an emotional roller coaster

Even if you are not feeling hopeful right now, I am holding hope for you. 

The process can be a journey of healing and self-discovery that you give to yourself. You have the freedom to realize your strengths and your inherent survival abilities.


Grief is hard work, perhaps the hardest work you will ever do.


My goal is to make this transition as simple and as meaningful for you and everyone involved. Having a knowledgeable professional who has your best interests at heart is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Investment in yourself in a safe, supportive space will help you get back to your well-being.